Seth Goldman is raising awareness one tea leaf at a time. As president of Honest Tea, the company he started with a Yale professor, he has found a way to sell a healthier cold tea beverage and quench his thirst for social and environmental change. Goldman travels the world, visiting communities where his company’s organic teas are harvested and learning about the cultures that help grow his business. His career as an entrepreneur began when he was a kid selling used golf balls and lemonade. He now channels that energy into an Honest business with a passionate mission.

Seth Goldman of Honest Tea: The ‘Perfect Ingredient’ for Social Impact

While most teens hit the beach each summer, high school senior Brandon Martin is up to his elbows in ochre and watermelon as an employee of Seeds for Learning-Beyond the Farm, a program that helps Philadelphia high schoolers plant their own urban gardens and learn about nutrition and business. Martin, who wants to become a chef, doesn’t plan to come out of the garden anytime soon. Knowledge@Wharton High School talked to Martin when he was a sophomore about his summer experience and more.

Brandon Martin: A High School Student’s Taste of Fresh Eggplant and Entrepreneurship

Carter Roberts is president and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund, a nonprofit group that works to conserve nature around the world. From his childhood exploring the woods near his home, to his career protecting habitats in the far corners of the earth, Roberts has fostered a connection to the natural world. His job is as diverse as the ecosystems he visits. One day he may be negotiating with the president of a corporation, and the next he is sitting on a dirt floor talking with villagers about the value of saving tigers. In the end his message is the same: we’d better start protecting nature before it’s too late.

Carter Roberts of the World Wildlife Fund Journeys to the Woods, the Amazon and a Legendary Place for Tigers