Teaching with Our Content

The Wharton Global Youth Program celebrates the power of the high school educator. Most often, teachers are our partners in student engagement, shaping and using our various opportunities to empower learners in and out of the classroom.

We encourage educators to use our content — written for the high school reader with insight and analysis from Wharton’s world-class community — to inform students about the latest business and finance trends, and to spark curiosity, conversation and innovative thinking.

Suggestions for teaching with our content:

Explore Business Mini-sites

This unique content model built around dynamic Wharton School conversations is designed to help high school students think more deeply about critical business issues. Videos, guided-question worksheets, a teaching guide and student choice board are among the materials to help teachers and students explore such topics as racial inequality in the business world and the influence of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) factors on companies, investors, employees, customers and communities.

The Essential Educator

This monthly blog feature, written by educators for educators, explores important issues for business educators and imparts practical strategies for using Global Youth opportunities to teach and inspire high school students.

Online Business Journal

Need a supplement to your teaching unit? Perhaps an opening activity? Our hundreds of published and searchable articles written for high school students are designed to introduce new ideas and concepts relating to business, finance, entrepreneurship, economics, leadership and career and college prep. Each article page includes a 500-800-word article and a Google Classroom link to allow teachers to easily assign individual readings to students. Each article also provides Conversation Starters to guide students in thinking more deeply about what they have read. Our Video Glossary gives students an additional layer of learning within each Global Youth article with business vocabulary defined by Wharton professors.

Future of the Business World Podcast

This monthly audio series features 20-minute conversations with teen entrepreneurs from around the world who are embracing innovation and emerging business trends to launch businesses and products. Share the podcasts with your students and use the accompanying published written transcripts, complete with conversation starters, to explore innovation through the lens of other teens’ experiences.


Our diverse video collection includes conversations with undergraduate entrepreneurs, career chats with Wharton alumni, research discussions with Wharton faculty, interviews with finance professionals, and more. Visit the Wharton Global Youth Program YouTube channel to explore our playlists and supplement your student classwork with a business-inspired video. Our video glossary collection is also featured as a YouTube playlist.