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The Wharton Global Youth Program mobilizes the extensive opportunities of the Wharton academic community to educate and inspire pre-collegiate students to explore business practices, analyze the world’s complex challenges, and take the first steps in becoming leaders who will transform the global economy.

High school students in residence during the summer


Students participate in our annual Global High School Investment Competition


Video, audio, and articles of Wharton faculty teaching business and finance concepts

On-Campus Programs

Wharton Global Youth’s On-Campus Programs are immersive, pre-collegiate experiences for students currently enrolled in grades 9–11. Led by Wharton faculty and instructional staff, these programs take place in-person on Wharton’s Philadelphia or San Francisco campus. Students get to explore topics driven by Wharton research and teaching, engage with our rigorous business education, and network with peers in an Ivy League environment.

For Credit

Wharton Pre-Baccalaureate Program

Earn college credits and enroll in Wharton courses in the Pre-Baccalaureate Program, designed for exceptional high school juniors and seniors. Taught by Wharton instructors and supported by academic advisors, students in the program experience education at a top-ranked business school within a small class environment.

   Upcoming Application Deadlines

Dec 8, 2021
Spring 1 Session

Feb 4, 2022
Spring 2 Session

Apr 7, 2022
Summer 1 Session

May 5, 2022
Summer 2 Session


Online Programs

Wharton Global Youth’s Online Programs are interactive, pre-collegiate experiences for students currently enrolled in grades 9–11. Led by Wharton faculty and instructional staff, these programs explore topics driven by Wharton research and teaching, and have been adapted specifically for the virtual classroom. Students engage with our rigorous business education while studying and networking with global peers, all before they head to college.

News & Articles

Wharton Global Youth produces original content that introduces high school students and educators to business concepts, personal finance, and college/career preparation. Keep up with our news updates and explore hundreds of original articles, videos, lesson plans, and other insights. »

Sports & Media

These Trends Are Transforming Media and Entertainment

A few years back, former Disney CEO Bob Iger, considered one of the most respected executives in the corporate entertainment world, visited the Wharton School campus for an Authors@Wharton chat with management professor Adam Grant. Iger shared leadership and life intel from his recently published book The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 ...
Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Web3 in Action: Cowboy Labs Takes on the Business of Blockchain

April 22, 2022 was an epic day for Lorenzo Melendez, 22, and Ulysses Atkeson, 21, lifetime friends and promising blockchain entrepreneurs. Following three months of building their startup Cowboy Labs as part of Wharton’s Cypher Accelerator, a support program for young crypto and blockchain companies, Lorenzo and Ulysses were ready to pitch their business to the ...
Business Concepts & Trends

Wharton’s Grit Expert Discusses Making Decisions and Embracing Exploration

On April 22, 2022, more than 50 high school students from as nearby as Northern New Jersey and as a far away as Indonesia traveled to the campus of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, for the Wharton Global High School Investment Competition Learning Day. The next morning those same students – belonging to ...

Resources for Educators

Wharton Global Youth Program provides resources and training for teachers both inside and outside the high school classroom, including professional development opportunities and teaching tools. Offerings include lesson plans and articles with conversation starters, themed toolkits, a comprehensive video glossary, and student competitions.