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The Wharton Global Youth Program mobilizes the extensive opportunities of the Wharton academic community to educate and inspire pre-collegiate students to explore business practices, analyze the world’s complex challenges, and take the first steps in becoming leaders who will transform the global economy.

Wharton Global High School Investment Competition

The Wharton Global High School Investment Competition is a free, experiential investment challenge for high school students (9th to 12th grade) and teachers. Students work in teams of four to seven, guided by a teacher as their advisor, and have access to an online stock market simulator. Together, they learn about strategy-building, teamwork, communication, risk, diversification, company and industry analysis, and many other aspects of investing.

News & Articles

Wharton Global Youth produces original content introducing high school students and educators to the broad scope of business and finance education. Explore hundreds of educational articles featuring Wharton analysis, discover enterprising teen entrepreneurs on our monthly Future of the Business World Podcast, and more.

Global Youth News

Tea Drinkers and Deep Thinkers Unite in Round 1 of Wharton Global Youth’s 2024 Comment and Win Contest

Our eyes are tired and our hearts are full! Round 1 2024 commenters hit the ground running, punning, and stunning, dropping nearly 180 unique comments on Wharton Global Youth articles from June 10 to June 21. This was our biggest Comment and Win round EVAH! Thus, making the EVAL that...
Future of the Business World Podcast

A Budding Bio Entrepreneur Makes Nutritional Gummies for Teens

High school students love a good passion project – and often, what begins in the classroom launches into the business world. This month’s Future of the Business World podcast guest is poised to explore the market for her IB school project during her time in Wharton Global Youth’s Essentials of...
Business Concepts & Trends

Wharton Research Adds to the Evolving Brand Story

On Episode 45 of Wharton Global Youth’s Future of the Business World podcast, tea brand innovator Victoria Fang Gao, says: “Buying a brand is like opening a book; only a good story can keep the readers coming back and back again.” We agree that the topic of brand in business...

Our annual report highlights the achievements that the Global Youth team has accomplished in a year’s time. Discover Global Youth’s mission-driven work, partnerships, markets and vision as we deliver quality business-education opportunities to high school students and educators.



Resources for Educators

Wharton Global Youth Program provides resources and training for teachers both inside and outside the high school classroom, including professional development opportunities and teaching tools. Offerings include lesson plans and articles with conversation starters, themed toolkits, a comprehensive video glossary, and student competitions.