Wharton Pre-Baccalaureate Program

Student Resources

The Wharton Pre-Baccalaureate Program is an academically-intensive opportunity for exceptional high school juniors and seniors to enroll in Wharton online courses. Participants will learn from Wharton instructors, earn a Wharton transcript, and accrue college credit for each course completed. With six sessions to choose from and built-in academic support, students are encouraged to explore the depth and breadth of Wharton’s business education curriculum with maximum flexibility and the guidance and resources to succeed.
This page should serve as an ongoing resource for students admitted into Wharton’s Pre-Baccalaureate Program. Outlined are steps for getting started, academic resources, and university policies designed to guide students throughout coursework.

Getting Started

Congratulations on taking this next step along your educational journey! Now let’s get started.

Academic Advising

The first step is to schedule an introductory advising session with your Wharton-appointed academic advisor. Your advisor and booking links are outlined in your admit letter. Advising is conducted virtually via Zoom, and should take 15-20 minutes. Parents or guardians are welcome to attend, though not required. During advising we will review the student handbook, academic deadlines, university policies, resources, and course registration procedures. Feel free to review the handbook in advance and prepare any questions for your advisor.

Course Selection and Student/Parent Agreement

After advising, please review the handbook carefully with a parent or guardian. Review your term-specific course options then complete the final page of the handbook, which includes your primary and alternate course selections, as well as agreement to, and understanding of, university and program policies.

The completed handbook may be returned to wgyp-prebacc@wharton.upenn.edu for processing.

Setup Access Points

In advance of term, the Wharton Global Youth Program team will issue instructions and codes necessary to create your university access points, including a PennKey (username) and Wharton email address. Complete these steps in a timely manner. Once your PennKey is created you may begin accessing university resources, including your course Canvas page.


Your course Canvas page should include a comprehensive course syllabus, class schedule, requisite texts or materials needed for class, and Zoom links for all live class meetings. As soon as you are able, begin exploring the course Canvas page for further course details and pre-work.

If you are new to Canvas, refer to the Canvas Student Guide for detailed instructions and FAQs.

Course Registration

To initiate course registration, students must complete and submit the final page of the Student Handbook to wgyp-prebacc@wharton.upenn.edu for processing. Due to course quotas and academic prerequisites, enrollment in a specific course is not guaranteed. We strongly encourage students to select an alternate course in case their preferred course is not available.

Pre-Bacc students are eligible to register for a maximum of two courses per session. Registration confirmations will be sent via email in advance of the term. Students may elect to change their course registration at any time before the start of term. As new courses are added to the roster, or student schedules change, feel free to contact us at wgyp-prebacc@wharton.upenn.edu to request updates.

Course Participation and Expectations

All Pre-Baccalaureate Program courses are offered in a fully-online format. Courses include live, synchronous class meetings as well as asynchronous lectures and content. For live class meetings, students must log in during published class meeting times for lectures, discussions, and assignments. Published class meeting times are set to Eastern Standard/Daylight Time. Attendance for all live class meetings is mandatory and students are advised to keep cameras on throughout class to ensure active participation and engagement.

Beyond live class meetings, additional coursework will be required. Students may be assigned readings, video lectures, group projects, or independent assignments designed to meet course learning objectives. We estimate an additional 5-10 hours of work will be required outside of live class meetings. All assignments and applicable deadlines will be clearly outlined in the course syllabus, to be provided by the instructor at the start of term. Once received, review the syllabus carefully to familiarize yourself with course content topics, objectives, policies, and timelines.

Tuition & Billing

Course tuition and fees are calculated in the same manner as all other non-degree undergraduate students at the Wharton School. Tuition is charged per course and the online services fee is charged per summer session. All billing for the University will be done on an electronic basis via Penn.Pay. Billing statements are issued directly to your Wharton email address.

TuitionOnline Services FeeMaterials Fee
Summer Session I and Summer Session II$4,230/course$70/course$76/course*

*Only for applicable courses. Covers exclusive content, simulations, or case studies utilized within the course.

In addition to tuition and fees, all students are financially responsible for any other fees associated with attending courses, which may include textbooks, software, course materials, etc. Certain courses provide access to exclusive content, simulations, or case studies and incur an additional course materials fee of $76 per course. These courses are clearly denoted as incurring additional charges within the Course Catalog.

Note: Students who attend a School District of Philadelphia public or charter high school may attend one course tuition-free per term. Tuition and fees are automatically waived; there is nothing further students need to do. If you attend a Philadelphia public/charter school and believe you have been billed erroneously, please contact us at wgyp-prebacc@wharton.upenn.edu so we can triage.

Resources & Accommodations

To assist in academic studies, Pre-Bacc students are granted access to university learning resources, including research catalogs, library services, office hours, and advising.

Instructor Office Hours

All instructors will hold office hours in which students may virtually ‘drop in’ with questions or concerns. Should published office hours not fall within your range of availability, please email your instructor for alternate meeting times or to schedule an appointment.

Academic Advising

Advisors serve as the student’s guide, assisting them in navigating resources, adopting university policies, and selecting courses best fitting their academic interests and level.

Penn Libraries

The University of Pennsylvania has 15 different libraries, including the largest open stack library in the nation. Your PennKey and email account give you access to all of the library’s electronic resources, digitized materials, and virtual support systems. https://www.library.upenn.edu/


Canvas is a learning management system utilized by instructors to house course details, including: Zoom links for live class sessions, course syllabi, assignments, contact information, discussion boards, videos, or resources applicable to coursework. Once registered for courses, you may log in to Canvas using your PennKey: https://canvas.upenn.edu 

If you are new to Canvas, refer to the Canvas Student Guide for detailed resources and instructions.

Textbooks & Course Materials

Some courses may require the purchase of textbooks or additional course materials. These are typically available in digital format and may be acquired from the Penn Bookstore or other online retailers. Your course instructor will outline requisite course materials in the syllabus. Penn Bookstore: https://upenn.bncollege.com/shop/upenn/home 

The Weingarten Learning Resources Center

The Weingarten Learning Resources Center provides professional consultation services in skills such as academic reading, writing, study strategies, and time management. For more information about the Weingarten Learning Resources Center visit their web site at http://www.vpul.upenn.edu/lrc/ or call 215.573.9235.

Student Disabilities Services

The Weingarten Learning Resources Center includes Student Disabilities Services (SDS), which provides comprehensive professional services and programs for students with disabilities to ensure equal academic opportunities. Reasonable accommodation to a qualified student’s known disability may be provided to assure equal access. Penn invites students with disabilities to self-identify at any time during their course of study as enrolled students. Although the self-identification process is confidential and completely voluntary, it is required for those requesting accommodation. SDS may be contacted via the web at http://www.vpul.upenn.edu/lrc/sds/index.html, by phone at 215.573.9235, and by TDD at 215.746.6320.

Additional Wharton Global Youth Program Resources

The Wharton Global Youth Program, which manages the Wharton Pre-Baccalaureate Program, introduces high school students to business and finance education through many other opportunities, including residential and virtual summer programs, an annual investment competition, and a regularly updated online business journal featuring articles and profiles that are written specifically for high school students. Need extra insight and Wharton faculty analysis on topics like Health EconomicsData Science and so much more? Check out our online content and all the ways you can explore your passion for business and finance with Wharton Global Youth.

Wharton Community

All Pre-Baccalaureate summer course participants will be granted access to the summer-long Wharton Global Youth Meetup, an optional extracurricular programming platform designed to foster community and introduce the Wharton and Penn experience to students.

The Wharton GYM provides a combination of live and independent programming via Canvas and may include campus tours, admissions workshops, business exploration lectures, weekly challenges (including a summer-long stock market challenge), and networking events to connect with peers.

Please note that participation in Wharton’s Pre-Baccalaureate Program does not guarantee admission into Penn.

For more information, please contact Whartonprebacc@summerdiscovery.com or call +1.516.414.5555.