Location-based Programs

Journey to a new locale to explore the intersection of culture and business.

Wharton Global Youth Location-Based Programs are transformative, pre-collegiate programs for students currently enrolled in grades 9–11. Led by Wharton faculty and instructional staff, these learning opportunities explore business from locations selected to enrich the course content and expose students to regional and cultural experiences that strengthen their perspective as global citizens.

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The moment I got there and started meeting the other kids, I saw how smart everyone was and how great it was that Wharton brings together these innovative thinkers. It was so cool to hear the thoughts of everyone from across the world. I learned at Wharton that it would be important to have a foundation in business that might eventually spark innovation.

– Drew C., Maryland, USA, San Francisco 2022 Student


Program Comparison Chart

San Francisco, CA: Innovation and Startup CultureCommercial and social innovation, venture implementation2 weeksRising sophomores, juniors, and seniors$7,999Session 1: July 2 - July 14, 2023

Session 2: July 16 - July 28, 2023

Cambridge, UK: Strategy and International ManagementManagement, international business, ESG2 weeksRising juniors and seniors$8,499Session 1: July 23 - August 5, 2023

Session 2: August 6 - August 19, 2023