Future of the Business World

Future of the Business World is a dynamic learning experience for exceptional high school students from around the world. It is designed to introduce students to areas of research by Wharton faculty and engage them as the next generation of global business leaders. Students attend live daily online events and work independently. Ultimately, they use all the ideas and insights from the program to create final projects that make predictions about the future of the business world. This program is a chance for students to begin to identify interests and lay the foundation for future education and career goals.


Future of the Business World is a unique online experience for high school students to ask big questions about a world in the midst of dramatic change. The program applies innovative online tools used in Wharton undergrad and graduate classrooms to introduce different business themes in which Wharton’s faculty lead the global conversation. 

This intensive two-week summer program is designed for a select group of high school students currently enrolled in 9th to 12th grades. The immersive experience takes you through the framework of design thinking, the business aspects of scenario planning and the strategies to work in a team. This program also features two interactive business simulations to help students practice what they have learned to solve real-world problems. 

Each summer, Future of the Business World students:

  • Explore various business topics and perspectives as presented in a Wharton education
  • Examine current issues facing the business world
  • Engage with peers and instructors to express personal points of view about the changing business landscape
  • Make predictions about what global business may look like when students achieve leadership roles
  • Produce group projects that present predictions about the future of the business world

All participants who complete the program will earn a Wharton Global Youth Certificate of Completion.


Course Meeting Times 

Daily participation and engagement are required Monday through Friday, with exceptions as noted below. Each day will include some mixture of live, online class sessions; facilitated, small group discussions; recitations; collaborative group work; and independent work, completed within the Wharton Online Learning Platform. Live class sessions will follow a block schedule, outlined below. Students should attend the course block that best suits their time zone and/or personal preferences. 

Our mandatory daily recitation is tentatively scheduled at 7-8pm EST. We will keep some flexibility for other possible slots per students' requests.

Schedule Exceptions 

Students participating in Session 1, June 17 – June 28 should note the following schedule difference: 

  • Wednesday, June 19 – classes will not meet due to the Juneteenth holiday 
  • Saturday, June 22 – classes will meet as a makeup 

Live Programming Course Blocks 

  • Block A: 8:00AM-10:00AM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4) 
  • Block B: 1:00PM – 3:00PM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4) 
  • The same content will be presented in each block; students will choose the course block that best suits their schedules. 
  • Recitations: Students are required to attend a 1-hour TA-led recitation daily. Multiple recitation time slots will be available for students to choose from. Recitations are designed as skill-building workshops, and promote a deeper understanding of the lecture content through exercises in practical application.  
  • Small Group Activities: Within small groups students will work collaboratively on a capstone project, which may require additional live meetings, to be scheduled at the students’ convenience. 

Technical Requirements 

In order to fully participate in this course, you will need a computer that meets minimum system requirements for both Canvas LMS and Zoom Videoconferencing. Refer to the following links: 

All programming originates from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (Eastern Daylight Time)



High school students currently enrolled in grades 9–12 with a broad interest in business and a desire to explore various business pathways. International applicants are also welcome.


Admission to Wharton’s Future of the Business World program is selective. Selections are based on a record of academic excellence and a genuine interest in developing business acumen and leadership skills. Interested students are strongly encouraged to submit an application by the priority deadline.

Please note that participation in Wharton's Future of the Business World program does not guarantee admission into Penn.

Instructional Team

Program Leader: Scott Romeika

Scott J. Romeika, Psy.D. is a psychologist, educator, and consultant with over twenty years of experience in higher education.  He is a lecturer at Wharton, where he teaches WH 1010, “Business and You,” the introductory leadership course for first-year undergraduates.  He has also taught teamwork, group dynamics, and positive psychology in various formats and settings.  Dr. Romeika previously spent 16 years in academic affairs and advising at Wharton, supporting undergraduates with curricular decisions and professional growth.  As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Romeika specializes in assessing and coaching individuals at academic and career crossroads.  A proud alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania (College of Arts and Sciences), Dr. Romeika is also a fan of all things Philadelphia, especially its sports teams.  In his spare time, he enjoys running, hiking, music, and writing. 

Instructor: Sophie Edgar 

Sophie is a consultant Product Development Manager living in Inverness, Scotland. She has worked in Research & Development on Medical Devices and Combination Products (pharmaceutical drug delivery) for almost 20 years. Her projects have spanned both exploratory front-end development and later stage product launches across physical and digital products. Sophie’s academic background is multidisciplinary in Product Design and Mechanical Engineering (UPenn ’16) and while she is usually responsible for leading programs and teams, her interests lie in ensuring the user is at the center of the process and bridging the strategic and tactical elements of development. In her spare time Sophie enjoys exploring creative pursuits, from sewing clothes to hand stitching quilts and is currently taking a course in hand embroidery with the Royal School of Needlework. She is also about to embark on her second year growing a dye garden full of flowers to dye fabrics, yarn and threads. 


Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants consist of both undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Pennsylvania. TAs facilitate small-group discussions, ensure student understanding, assist with final project development, and hold office hours to answer student questions and share their Penn and Wharton experiences.

“…FBW has opened me up to a world that I didn’t even truly know existed… I was even surprised to find out how much I enjoyed the entrepreneurial process in creating a product and selling it and understanding how to target certain demographics. All of the aspects intertwine with each other and form this complex understanding of the way business works in our world today, especially with the prevalence of COVID-19.”– Michael B.


Wharton Global Youth Meetup (GYM)

Wharton Global Youth Meetup (GYM) is a creative, co-curricular community open to summer students as a way to connect to one another — and Wharton — before, during, and after their programs. Featuring both live and independent programming, the GYM is designed to ensure virtual participants don’t miss out on valuable community building and networking. 

*The GYM is included in all online summer programs, except Understanding Your Money.