Wharton Pre-Baccalaureate Program

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The Wharton Pre-baccalaureate Program is an academically-intensive opportunity for exceptional high school juniors and seniors to enroll in Wharton online courses.

Participants will learn from Wharton instructors, earn a Wharton transcript, and accrue college credit for each course completed. With six sessions to choose from and built-in academic support, students are encouraged to explore the depth and breadth of Wharton’s business education curriculum with maximum flexibility and the guidance and resources to succeed.

Current/Upcoming Sessions

Academic Year Sessions

*Additional courses may be added in the coming months.

Summer Sessions

  • Summer 1, 2023: May 22 – June 28
  • Summer 2, 2023: June 29 – August 4

“The interactive nature of Negotiations was one of the main factors of my enjoyment as after each homework reading, you got the opportunity to see the theories and strategies in action. I could definitely see myself in a career to do with negotiations in the future!”

— Duncan B., The Netherlands

Course List by Session

Fall 2, 2022: October 24 – December 8*

Application Deadline: September 14, 2022

*Additional courses TBD

FNCE 0001: Introduction to Financial Markets and the Global Economy

This course aims to provide a timely framework to understand economic recessions and expansions and the financial markets’ response to world events. 

The Covid recession reduced the size of the world’s economies and output. What does this mean? How is output connected to employment? How are exchange rates determined in global capital markets? We will introduce the policy options of government spending. We will discuss, as data become available, the continuing impact of the coronavirus on the domestic and the global economy. 

Meeting Days/Times: Mondays and Wednesdays, 7pm – 8:30pm ET
Instructor: Gizem Saka
Course Materials Fee: No

Course Syllabi ❯❯

MKTG 0001: Viral Marketing

This course aims to provide a timely framework to understand economic recessions and expansions and the financial markets’ response to world events.

Why do some products catch on and become popular while others fail? Why do apps and services take off while others languish? And why do certain ads, messages, or ideas stick in memory while others disappear the minute you hear them? Diffusion, social media, word of mouth, and viral marketing have become important topics for companies, brands, and organizations. Marketers want their products to be popular, organizations want their social change initiative to catch on, and entrepreneurs want their ideas to stick. This course investigates these and other topics as it explains how things catch on and become popular.  

Meeting Days/Times: Thursdays, 4pm – 5:30pm ET
Instructor: Jonah Berger
Course Materials Fee: Yes; $76

Course Syllabi ❯❯

Spring 1, 2023: January 17 – February 27*

Application Deadline: November 30, 2022

*Additional courses TBD

MGMT 0001: Introduction to Management

The course will help you understand multiple aspects of how managers address their environments, strategy, structure, culture, tasks, people, and outputs, and how managerial decisions made in these various domains interrelate.Organizations emerge because individuals can’t (or don’t want to) accomplish their goals alone. Management is the art and science of helping individuals achieve their goals together. Managers in an organization determine where their organization is going and how it gets there. More formally, managers formulate strategies and implement those strategies.

Meeting Days/Times: Mondays and Wednesdays, 7:00pm – 8:30pm ET
Instructor: Sara Jane McCaffrey

Course Materials Fee: No