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In the 21st century, the business world is increasingly using data and analytics to develop insights that will drive better decisions and shape stronger leaders.  
High school students need to understand the impact of analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning and how they are altering the approach to problem-solving in every industry. Data has been described as the lifeblood of artificial intelligence, or human intelligence exhibited by machines. Systems that use AI can analyze data from different sources and offer predictions about what works and what doesn’t. That intel informs, empowers and transforms the business mindset.  
In this latest series of Explore Business mini-sites designed for the pre-college learner, Wharton Global Youth translates cutting-edge analytics concepts for the high school classroom. Here, Erika James, Dean of the Wharton School, leads three separate panel discussions with analytics experts from Wharton and the professional world. Together, they investigate: how data can help govern and grow the economy; how analytics can drive social good; and how analytics gives sports teams a competitive edge.   
Meant to be incorporated into classroom discussions and assignments, we invite high school educators and students to dig into these rich learning opportunities with the help of Wharton-powered insights and tools. Explore Business with a world leader in business education. 

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The Analytics of Finance

More than ever, analytics is influencing critical decision-making in the field of finance through machine learning, big data, and algorithms. Learn how the financial landscape will evolve with these trends, and what obstacles — and opportunities — to expect.

Using Data to Protect and Serve

When faced with challenging societal issues such as police reform, human trafficking, and media transparency, analytics can offer surprising ways to increase accountability and drive social good. Discover how data can lead us to more effective solutions.

More than a Game

Sports analytics has taken the spotlight as a driver of competitive advantage for professional teams, elevating the value of data both on and off the field. Explore how the sports industry can embrace data science in order to create dynasties.

“As a business school, we have a responsibility to provide the tools that will allow future leaders the ability to listen, talk, and learn from the experiences of others.”

— Wharton Dean, Erika James