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Our latest Explore Business theme looks at how companies are responding to the challenges facing people of color in the U.S., often by pledging money to improve fairness in corporations and communities. In November 2020, the Wharton School gathered a panel of professionals to talk about different aspects of “Race and Corporate Power.” On this mini-site, you will find the full video discussion hosted by Wharton Dean Erika James, who interviewed Carla Harris, managing director of Morgan Stanley; Wes Moore, CEO of Robin Hood foundation; and Dalila Wilson-Scott, chief diversity officer of Comcast. University of Pennsylvania’s Katherina Rosqueta led the question-and-answer session.

The activities on this page provide opportunities for high school students to explore “Race and Corporate Power.” We have divided the hour-long discussion into six shorter themed videos, each with linked worksheets that will help guide your exploration of the conversations and concepts.

Enjoy discovering new business insights – and contributing your own ideas to this important conversation.

Through this lecture series, Wharton is making a statement on the importance of prioritizing race and inclusion in America and asking firms to consider what it will take to place the issue at the top of the corporate agenda.

— Wharton Dean Erika James

The Full Discussion:
Race and Corporate Power

Explore the Video Themes

From a ‘First Awakening’ to 2020: The Evolution of Diversity

Following Dean James’s panelist introductions, investment banker Carla Harris recounts 30 years of diversity awareness and how Morgan Stanley is working to change the narrative.

Philanthropy, Systemic Poverty, and the Power of Data

Robin Hood’s Wes Moore lends the community perspective to a discussion about real corporate commitment, stressing the importance of data in telling the story of racial inequities.

Inside Comcast and Its Pledge for Racial Justice

Chief Diversity Officer Dalila Wilson-Scott touches on Comcast’s $100-million commitment to racial justice and how philanthropy is just one part of the solution.

Companies and Generation Z Embrace This Moment

The panelists consider why corporations are responding to racial justice issues like never before and how the youth movement is responsible for keeping the conversation alive.

Leading with Authenticity, Courage and Collaboration

Carla Harris and Wes Moore detail the leadership and partnership skills needed to build meaningful relationships and inspire enduring, effective change.

Racial Bias in Hiring Professionals and Collecting Data

University of Pennsylvania’s Kat Rosqueta engages panelists with questions that explore the practices behind hiring people of color into top jobs, and addressing the bias that is built into today’s algorithms.

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