Online Programs

Wharton Global Youth Meetup (GYM)

The Wharton Global Youth Meetup (GYM) is an online community for students enrolled in Wharton Global Youth’s online summer programs. The community encourages students to take a deep dive into business topics, hone their professional skills, and connect with like-minded global peers. GYM access will be available for 9 weeks, allowing students to engage with the Wharton Global Youth community before, during, and after their academic programs.

About the Wharton Global Youth Meetup (GYM)

In 2020, the Wharton GYM was launched to enhance Wharton Global Youth’s online program experience and provide students the opportunity to build connections and become involved with the Wharton community. Since then, 3,000+ students from 60+ countries have actively engaged in the GYM.

All students enrolled in one of our online summer programs are granted access to the 9-week (from June 5th to August 4th) Wharton GYM, an extracurricular programming platform that allows students to connect with Wharton all summer long.

The Wharton GYM provides a combination of live programming and independent activities designed to further introduce high school students to the Penn and Wharton communities.

“Wharton GYM has given me something more than just knowledge and experience, which is “people” to talk to. Networking and interacting with TAs, Professors, and staff members has given me so much insight into various fields, like finance, stock market, 3d printing, manufacturing, traveling, life as an international student, data analytics, non-profits….”

Summer 2020 student Ansh G.

Programming includes:

  • Live panels with Wharton and Penn undergrads to gain insights into the Penn campus experience, applying to colleges, academic and internship opportunities, and finding your passion
  • 9-week Summer Stock Market Challenge, based on the Wharton Global Youth High School Investment Competition, designed to introduce the intricacies of investing, from concepts and analysis, to practical application of trading via a virtual investment simulator
  • Discussions with notable Wharton alumni about career paths and professional opportunities
  • Introductions to Wharton research centers to learn about cutting-edge research and innovation stemming from the Wharton School
  • Presentations by Penn’s cultural houses and student organizations to fully immerse yourself in the extended campus community
  • Live, focused workshops to advance academic, business, and professional skills
  • Opportunities to compete with and against global peers to earn badges through bi-weekly business-themed individual and team challenges
  • Weekly meetings of like-minded students to discuss and analyze specific topics like innovation and design, world finance, non-profits, and data analytics
  • Access to additional business and finance-related content created by Wharton
  • Networking opportunities to connect with high school students from around the world and start building a global peer network

Accessing the Wharton GYM

The Wharton Global Youth Meetup (GYM) will be integrated into the Wharton Online Learning Platform and will be accessible alongside the student’s Wharton Summer High School Online Course. All programming is conducted using Canvas, Zoom, and BlueJeans.

GYM Features Include

Insights and Perspectives

Attend workshops, panels and have 1-1 discussions with Wharton and Penn undergrads and graduate students about their experiences and studies.

Earn Social Badges

Earn badges for your Wharton Online profile by completing challenges, attending live events and competing in the Stock Market Challenge.

Alumni Engagement Opportunities

Engage with Wharton Alumni during virtual company visits and in-depth career chats.

Resources from Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship

Access to the Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship team, which includes opportunities to engage directly with team members to learn about current and future projects, offerings and studies.

For more information, please contact or call +1.516.414.5555.