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Wharton Global Youth Meetup (GYM)

The Wharton Global Youth Meetup (GYM) is an online community for students enrolled in Wharton Global Youth’s online summer programs. The community gives students the opportunity to extend their business education beyond what they are learning in their programs, connect with like-minded global peers, take a break from their coursework and explore careers and content during interactive virtual events. GYM access will be available for nine weeks, allowing students to engage with the Wharton Global Youth community before, during, and after their academic programs.

About the Wharton Global Youth Meetup (GYM)

The Wharton GYM was launched in 2020 to enhance the experience for our online learners and provide students the opportunity to build connections and explore different aspects of business education. Since then, more than 4,000 students from 60+ countries have actively engaged in the GYM.

All students enrolled in one of our online summer programs are granted access to the 9-week (from June 17th to August 9th) Wharton GYM, an extracurricular programming platform that allows students to connect with Wharton all summer long.

The Wharton GYM provides a combination of live programming and independent activities designed to further introduce high school students to the Penn and Wharton communities and discover new interests, like investing.

“My favorite aspect of the Global Youth Meetup was being able to interact with peers from other courses and from all around the world. I felt more connected with people who had similar interests and goals as me, and I truly found a community within this group of diverse, driven people.”

Summer student Melinda H.

Programming includes:

  • Two four-week Trading Sprints allowing students to build competitive portfolios with a wide range of securities in our Wharton Investment Simulator (WinS).
  • An eight-week online Wharton Investing Workshop (held once a week) taught by a Wharton MBA that covers all topics from the basics to deeper analysis, with time for Q&A from participants.
  • Discussions with notable Wharton alumni about career paths and professional opportunities.
  • Networking opportunities to connect with high school students from around the world and start building a global peer network.
  • Meet Our Global Youth Podcast Guests: Q&A with dynamic youth entrepreneurs featured on our Future of the Business World podcast.
  • Fun asynchronous activities and games whenever you need a study break.

There is something for everyone in the Global Youth Meetup. Not only that, but there are so many meetups that if we
can’t make it to one, there are so many others that you can attend.

Summer student Gali B.

Members of the Global Youth Meetup can access exclusive live interviews with Wharton alumni to learn more about career paths and professional opportunities. View the recordings of some our past discussions below.

For more information, please contact or call +1.516.414.5555.