Announcing the Region 1 KWHS Investment Competition Finalists

by Diana Drake

These past few weeks have been exciting for our KWHS team! While reviewing final team strategy papers for Region 1 of the KWHS Investment Competition has been a big task, it has also been deeply gratifying. It’s clear that many students spent the 10 weeks of strategy development, research, and trading on the Wharton OTIS platform fully engaged and open to new concepts and experiences. So many teams have improved their financial knowledge and enjoyed the challenge of the stock market and the dynamics of working in a small group. We couldn’t ask for more! It’s an excellent outcome for our first-ever Eastern and Central Asia regional finale, supported in part by our recruitment partner Diligence & Delight Learning Center (DDC) of Beijing. Here are a few reflections gleaned from this year’s Region 1 final team strategy papers:

“We determined that since Jack Abraham’s portfolio will continue to operate for decades, short-term fluctuations should not be overly preferred to long-term growth in companies.” Investment Before Financially Able, Diocesan Boys’ School, Hong Kong

“Our focus is on gaining an understanding of the main drivers of how a company makes and spends its money. Since the goal is to buy a company and hold it for the long term, we need to understand the company and its financials in a long-term context.” PH Rookie, Shanghai Pinghe School, China

“Our team attaches great importance to learning. Not only do we learn new knowledge, but also care about what is happening around us. In order to be a qualified investor, learning is the driving force.” Si Hai Yi Xin, Experimental Middle School Attached to Hebei Normal University, China

“A good company to us is one that is leading the industry to innovate and develop, has a creative and effective business strategy, and has a high potential of development.” Dauntless, YK Pao School, China

“It is crucial to look for the big picture and trust our instincts.” Infiltration, Shanghai American School, China

“Our dear client, Jack Abraham, we assure that you will earn positive returns as long as you believe us. This portfolio will be the best choice for you.” Korean Bulls, Seoul Global High School, South Korea

“We learned that there is no complete guarantee that any of our investments would experience growth. Even with our financial data and research, stocks would change in ways we did not expect.” Gold Standard, Hong Kong International School, China

“One of the most important characteristic that every member shares is that we listen to others opinions, and we take turns to share our opinions.” Group One Investments, Shen Wai International School, China

“Even if we were all under the pressure of heavy schoolwork, we kept discussing our investment strategies and changing our ideas during our spare time.” Dream High , Beijing No 12 High School, China

“Every day when we go to school, we find more and more cool cars of Tesla on the street.” Frozing Phoenix, RDFZ High School, China

“A passive investment needs patience; it is more of a test of the heart than the mind.” BNDS Investment Group, Beijing National Day School, China

We honor all the teams that took the time to participate in Region 1 of the KWHS Investment Competition. We know that many of you are new to investing and we hope you will join us again next year!

We selected 12 teams from the final group of 68. The finalist teams advancing to the Regional Finale at the Penn Wharton China Center in Beijing on March 10 are:

  • BNDS Investment Group (BIG), Beijing National Day School, China
  • Drift_Along, Beijing RDFZ High School, China
  • FYL, Beijing RDFZ High School, China
  • Gold Standard, Hong Kong International School, China
  • Golden River Ventures, Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School, China
  • Great Wall Capital, Liyang High School of Jiangsu Province, China
  • Korean Bulls, Seoul Global High School, South Korea
  • The Ladies of Wall Street, Beijing RDFZ High School, China
  • Pine Stone Capital Management LP, Beijing RDFZ High School, China
  • RDFZICC, Beijing RDFZ High School, China
  • SHDT (Snowball) Investment, Shanghai Datong High School, China
  • War Wolves, Beijing Academy, China

The top teams from the regional competition will advance to the KWHS Investment Competition Global Finale at Wharton Philadelphia on May 4 and 5, 2018. Good luck!