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General Questions

How does the competition work?

You can find all the information you need in the Investment Competition Guidebook.

When does the 2020-2021 Wharton Global High School Investment Competition begin?

Teams may begin registering for this year’s competition on June 1, 2020 through September 18, 2020. Trading on WInS will begin on September 28, 2020 and end on December 4, 2020. All final strategies are due on December 11, 2020.

Who is eligible to participate?

High school students (see Competition Rules) around the world who are interested in business and finance and want to improve their knowledge and skills. Students don’t need any experience with the stock market to participate; however, they must have an advisor (see Competition Rules) to help them navigate the articles, lesson plans and learning outcomes associated with the competition so they can achieve our ultimate goal with this game, which is learning while having fun. Classes of students can compete (in different teams of 4-7), or individual investment clubs, home-schooled students, as well as random groups of students who like a challenge and want to learn.

Who should register for the competition?

Advisors should register their team(s) for the Investment Competition. Team members should NOT register.

How many students can be on a team?

Each team must maintain a minimum of four team members and a maximum of seven members from the very start of the competition. Remember, each team member is responsible for at least one sector; all team members must play a contributing role. Students are not permitted to participate on more than one team.

What if I can only form a team of three students?

Then you are not eligible to participate. Your team must have at least four students, and all of them must be engaged in the process. We expect all teams to conduct themselves ethically from the moment that they register for the Investment Competition. It’s not a good idea to add a fourth person to the registration in name only. That is cheating.

Can a team include students from different schools?

Yes. However, students and the schools must be located in the same country. For example, a student from China cannot compete on a team with an Advisor based in Canada.

Do teams need to be associated with a high school?

Yes. Advisors must be an educator (i.e., teacher, academic advisor, etc.) associated with the accredited school attended by at least one team member. That should be the school the team represents.

Does my team have to have an advisor/teacher?

Yes. Starting this year, all teams must have an advisor in order to register for the competition (see Competition Rules). Advisor/teachers are important motivators, as well as sources of information and insight.

I am a team member, why didn’t I receive any notifications?

Your advisor is the main point of contact for each team. All communications and notifications will be sent to your advisor.

I am registered as an advisor. How can I view my team(s)?

You can view your team(s) by clicking on the “Administration” tab. You will be able to see team rankings and their activity report.

Wharton Investment Simulator (WInS)

What is WInS?

Wharton Global Youth Program has contracted with Stock-Trak®, the leading provider of web-based stock market simulations for universities, high schools, and the financial services industry. WInS is the Wharton Investment Simulator, which is used for the Investment Competition to help students place trades and act on their investment strategies. WInS allows students to apply the concepts of investments and portfolio management in a hands-on learning environment while working with real-world data without risking real money.

Where can I go to better understand how to use WInS for this competition?

When you login to your account, on the right hand side, under Getting Started, you will find tutorial videos, user guide and FAQs.

How do I get access to WInS for the investment competition?

The Advisor is responsible for registering his/her team(s). The advisor will indicate the number of teams they are advising and provide a Team User Name Prefix. The advisor will receive an email that contains the login information (usernames and password) for his or her student team(s). The advisor will distribute the login information to his or her team(s). Teams can access WInS but will not be able to trade until September 28, 2020.

How much virtual cash do I get on WInS?

Each team will be responsible for managing a portfolio of $100,000 in virtual cash.

I just logged into WInS, but I can’t place trades.

Trading begins on September 28, 2020 and ends on December 4, 2020.

Who can place trades on WInS?

The students should place trades on WInS, NOT the advisor. A key component of the Investment Competition is teamwork and communication. It should be a team decision. We strongly encourage teams to identify different roles for each team member, including assigning a team leader. By designating a team leader, students must work together through all the issues of stock selection and strategy development. The team structure is also important to portfolio diversity. Each team member is responsible for a different industry sector, which ensures that your team portfolio of approved stocks is diversified.

Does WInS have an analytics feature?

WInS includes a set of analytical tools that students can use to analyze the performance of their portfolios. The “My Portfolio” tab has a drop-down menu that lists a wide variety of data sets and analysis reports on portfolio performance.

Stocks and Trading

Does my team have to place trades on WInS?

Yes. WInS should be used as a learning tool to figure out your strategies and to experience what it is like to place trades and be active stock market participants. These are fundamental aspects of this competition. That said, we realize (and you should, too) that a basic tenet of long-term investing is that investors should ignore short-term gains and losses. Therefore, you should not be doing a lot of buying and selling of the stocks designated for the long-term portion of your portfolio. That’s not to say you can’t do any as you work through the aspects of your strategy and decide which investments are best, but you are not trying to prove the worthiness of your long-term strategy through how your portfolio performs over 10 weeks of trading. Your case study also specifies that your client would like to make some short-term investments to generate profits for a specific need. You may want to do more active trading for this portion of your portfolio.

Does the competition allow me to trade all securities?

No. The Investment Competition only involves the buying and selling of domestic equities, as well as several international equities. All teams must refer to the Approved Stock List for the equities that they are allowed to buy and sell.

Does the competition allow margin trading or short selling?


When I place a trade on WInS, how quickly does it go through?

WInS executes all U.S. stocks at real time prices. Please note that although trades are executed at real time prices, and that the bid and ask prices are real time; the prices you see in your open positions are delayed by 10-15 minutes.

Does this extend to international equities?

International equities not based in the U.S. experience a longer time delay. These equity orders will go through at the end of the trading day. If a trade is placed for an international equity at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, it will clear at the end of Tuesday.

Also, exchange rate calculations are done automatically when making trades on foreign markets. There is no extra work on your part, though it is good to be aware of potential gains/losses you may experience due to exchange rates. You do not need to exchange money in a different currency, it is done automatically when buying and selling.

Does the WInS system charge commissions for trades?

Yes. WInS runs just like any real-world trading platform. Each transaction is charged a flat $25 commission. Commission is charged only on a trade that clears.

Do we receive dividends (a distribution to shareholders of a portion of a company’s earnings) that are reflected in our portfolio funds?

WInS provides real-world corporate actions such as dividends, stock splits, bond coupons, and so on. As such, students can expect to see dividends reflected in their portfolios at the time they are issued by the company.

How can I void a stock order that I make in error?

You can only cancel open orders. To see your open orders and to cancel any of them, go to the “My portfolio” tab and select “Order History” in the sub-menu.

WInS is a real-world simulation, so make sure you are carefully reviewing everything before you hit submit. If you make an error, we encourage you to run with it and not scramble to “fix” it. Trading errors are part of the learning process.


What are the key deliverables for the competition?

Your team must submit two deliverables throughout the competition in order to be considered an active team. The mid-project team review is due November 2, 2020, and the final report is due December 11. More information about both can be found in the Competition Guidebook. Teams that fulfill the deliverable requirements will receive participation certificates.

Are winning teams selected based on the growth of their WInS stock portfolios?

No. While the WInS simulator is a valuable learning tool in our competition, your team’s standings on WInS have little to do with the final outcome. Winners are selected on the strength and articulation of their overall investment strategies and competition experiences, not on the percentage growth of their portfolios, which is a key differentiator between this investment challenge and others.

How can my team win the competition?

The competition has regional finals for the teams with the best written strategies from each region, and a global final, which brings together the top teams from each region. The key to winning is to learn all you can, work together as a team, create a compelling and creative investment strategy to build your potential client’s wealth, embrace stock analysis, and articulate your strategy and overall competition experience in such a way that you captivate the judges. We don’t like to distribute sample winning investment strategies, but we do write about how the winners make it to the end game. If you’re really curious about what it takes to make it to the finals, we encourage you to do your research! The links below are full of info from past regional finals.

Regional and Global Finales

What is expected of my team if we make it to a regional or global finale event?

Your team will be expected to create and deliver a 10-minute presentation (via video conference for the regional finals and live or via video conference for the Global Finale) about your team’s strategy, analysis and experience over the past 10 weeks to a live panel of judges.

If our team makes it to the Global Finale, what costs are covered?

The Wharton Global Youth Program does not cover your competition costs. All costs, including travel and lodging, are the responsibility of the participants.

Who are the judges for the competition?

Historically, the first set of judges from Aberdeen Standard Investments will read teams’ final reports and select the top 10-12 teams from each region. From there, each regional final involves a panel of judges, primarily professional women and men working in the asset management and finance industries, who will observe regional final team presentations and select the top teams from each region to advance to the big Global Finale at Wharton in Philadelphia.


How can I share news about the progress of my team and our strategy?

We want to hear from you! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @whartonyouth and on Twitter @WhartonYouth (use the #WhartonYouthInvests) and visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/whartonyouth/. Create a social media profile for your investment competition team and tag us in posts! We love to share the good news and hard work of all our teams throughout the competition. Good luck!

Whom do I contact if I have a question about the Wharton Global High School Investment Competition?

Please reach out to the Wharton Global Youth Program at wghs-invcomp@wharton.upenn.edu.