Sports Business Academy

In the Sports Business Academy, examine various academic disciplines as they apply to the sports industry with an overview of the business and legal aspects of various intercollegiate, Olympic, and professional sports enterprises.Read More

Moneyball Academy

Explore sports analytics in the Moneyball Academy and learn how real-life professionals use computer programming, statistical thinking, and data to make deep discoveries in sports. A strong background in math and a love of sports is welcomed.Read More

Data Science Academy

The Data Science Academy develops essential data science techniques like data visualization and data wrangling, while teaching modern machine learning methodologies — the building blocks for today’s AI field.Read More

Essentials of Finance

Essentials of Finance provides an introduction to the theory, the methods and the concerns of the world of finance. Learn about the fundamentals of both personal and corporate finance. Delve into the topics such as the time value of money, the trade-off between risk and return, equities and corporate accounting.Read More