Announcing an Integrated Global Youth Platform and the Launch of 2022 Summer High School Programs

by Diana Drake

The Wharton Global Youth Program takes an important leap forward this week with the launch of our new and improved Wharton Global Youth Program website.

This change comes just in time to showcase our 2022 Wharton Summer High School programs, for which applications are now open. Students can read up on and apply to our on-campus programs, online programs and pre-baccalaureate courses.

Global Youth is excited to unveil a streamlined online presence with clearer navigation, improved functionality, and, perhaps most importantly, the integration of all aspects of the Wharton Global Youth learning ecosystem under a single banner to create one dynamic website for our programming and content.

“We know the integration of KWHS content into one vibrant Global Youth platform will inspire even more students to explore their passion for business.” — Eli Lesser, Executive Director, Wharton Global Youth Program

The Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS) online business journal and content portal, launched in March 2011, has been folded into the Wharton Global Youth website and brand. Regular readers will discover that your favorite articles, podcasts and videos automatically redirect to the newly formatted site.

“This is a significant milestone for the Wharton Global Youth Program,” said Executive Director Eli Lesser. “It’s powerful to see all of our work on one site, and to showcase side-by-side our great programs, competitions and content to high school students, teachers, and parents around the world. We know the integration of KWHS content into one vibrant Global Youth platform will inspire even more students to explore their passion for business.”

In addition to our full suite of offerings, visitors to the new Global Youth site can expect a dynamic ‘Mega Menu’ drop-down navigation to make it even easier to navigate the full width and breadth of our programs, competitions and content. We have also re-organized site navigation so you can delve into our growing list of high school on-campus and online programs and courses.

These new features are getting traction with this week’s launch of our 2022 Wharton Summer High School Programs. Director Lauren More encourages applicants to check out the new site’s expanded menus and program details. “We are looking forward to a return to on-campus opportunities and the esteemed Leadership in the Business World program this summer. We’re also offering great online programs like Future of the Business World and the new Essentials of Leadership,” said More. “We have learned important insights about our students in the past few years and used them to build more engaging opportunities, including a year-round roster of diverse pre-baccalaureate courses.” Students can Apply Now for all 2022 programs.

Our team hopes you will visit our new Wharton Global Youth Program website often and bookmark it for easy return to learn about our growing opportunities for introducing business and finance education to high school students around the world. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage to sign up for our newsletter updating you monthly on all we have to offer.