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Register for the 2021-2022 Competition

Registration for the 2021-2022 Investment Competition
is now closed.

Each advisor must register their team(s). Students are NOT permitted to register for the competition on their own behalf or on behalf of their team.

In order to complete the registration form, the advisor will need to:

  • Choose the username and password for their advisor account
  • Provide their email address, where all competition communications will be sent
  • Provide an email address for the team leader (one student per team), who will also receive all communications. Other students will share log in info and do not need to be individually registered.
  • Indicate the number of team accounts they are requesting
    • The maximum number of teams an advisor can oversee is three. However, exemptions will be made for teacher advisors implementing the competition as part of a class or school activity. If you are a teacher with more than three teams, please fill out the registration form linked below to register your first three teams, then email to request additional teams.
  • Select their team username prefix(s)
    • Examples: school mascot (i.e. Knights), school name (i.e. Wharton HS), etc.
    • All teams with the same advisor will share the same team username prefix and a randomly generated suffix. For example, if you have two teams they might be named Wharton HS-821 and Wharton HS-f1l. These names can be changed on WInS after registration is complete.