Judging and Evaluation

Judging and Evaluation

Your team’s final report will be evaluated on five criteria:

  1. Investment strategy: contains a clear and creative strategy thesis; demonstrates mid-term and long-term investment thinking; portfolio is invested in at least as many industries as there are team members
  2. Client knowledge and objectives: strategy is tailored uniquely to Nichole’s financial goals; would win her over as a client
  3. Portfolio analysis: demonstrates clear understanding of new concepts and investment tools; uses both quantitative and qualitative analysis
  4. Articulation of competition experience: demonstrates good teamwork and communication; team clearly explains decision-making process and what they learned from the competition
  5. Creativity and presentation: compelling narrative and visually pleasing presentation of data; many creative elements; clearly presented with an authentic team voice

In order for your team to be considered for the Semifinals, you must also have fulfilled all of the following requirements. Your team is only eligible to advance to the Semifinals—regardless of the quality of your final report—if all of the following are fulfilled:

  • Placed your first trade on WInS by 11:59 PM EST on October 17.
  • Submitted both the midterm report AND the final report on time. Teams that submit a final report but not a midterm report are not eligible for the Semifinals or for participation certificates.
  • Adhered to our rules about what securities can and cannot be traded. Teams that include prohibited securities in their final report are not eligible for the Semifinals.
  • Completed a final report that falls within the acceptable page range and includes all of the required elements.
  • Maintained the same team advisor throughout the competition (You may not change your advisor without written permission from the Wharton Investment Competition Team)
  • Maintained the same roster of team members after November 1 (You may not change your team members after Nov. 1 without written permission from the Wharton Investment Competition Team)

Teams WILL NOT receive individual feedback about midterm reports or final reports. We WILL NOT provide you with information about how the evaluators scored your team.

Each year, we receive many excellent final reports. If your team is not selected as a Semifinalist, this does not necessarily mean that you did something “wrong.” We are looking for teams that score exceptionally well on all five components of the criteria, and that embrace all aspects of the competition with passion and creativity, which is then reflected in various ways in their final reports.

Semifinalist teams will not be selected by region, as they have been in previous years of the competition. Instead, this year the Semifinalists will be the top 50 teams as judged by our evaluators, regardless of where the students on each team are from.