The deadline for our 2023-2024 midterm report has passed.

The final report must be submitted using our submission platform Reviewr. We will not accept any report submitted via email. Detailed instructions for accessing the platform and submitting your team’s report will be emailed to the student team leader and advisor.


Due December 11, 2023 no later than 9:00 a.m. ET

Final Report Audience

Your report should be directed to Wharton Global Asset Management’s (WGAM) portfolio manager (your team’s teacher/advisor).

Final Report Requirements

  • All sources, images, and other media including use of generative AI must be cited using the American Psychological Association (APA) citation style. Please create a separate bibliography page attached to the end of your report titled ‘Works Cited’.
    • Note: Please read the Wharton Global Youth AI Policy at the bottom of this page.
  • 12-point font; Times New Roman
  • Double spaced
  • 1-inch margins
  • Submit in doc or pdf format, file size not exceeding 5MB
  • Note: Do NOT include external links to content outside of your report. Our judges are instructed not to open any links within your report.


Page 1: Title Page, including:

  • Team name
  • School Name, City, State (if applicable), and Country
  • Advisor’s name. Title at school (teacher, principal, etc) and email
  • Team leader’s name and email
  • Finalized team member names (these should be the same as what was submitted in the midterm report, unless you received written permission from us to change your team roster)
  • WInS Username (the username that the team uses to log into the WInS platform).
  • User ID number (ADVISORS – each team’s User ID number can be located by having the advisor log on to their Advisor WInS account and click on the ‘Admin’ tab, then ‘Instructor Administration’. The User ID is the 7-Digit number located under ‘User ID’).

Page 2: Summary Page

On this page, concisely communicate your team’s strategy in two short paragraphs. Below your team’s strategy summary, have your advisor complete the short prompt below on the same page.

  • Explain your investment strategy in a maximum of 75 words. What’s your “elevator pitch” to your client?
  • Explain what makes your investment strategy unique compared to other teams in a maximum of 75 words.
  • Advisor Reflections: This should be written by the advisor. Describe in 150 words or less your takeaways from this team’s competition experience.
  • This page can be single-spaced, but you must adhere to all other requirements.
  • No other content should go on this page.


Page 3: Trading Notes Analysis (What Was Your Team’s Decision-making Process?)

The purpose of this page is to explain your decision-making process throughout the trading period.

  • Choose two (2) Trading Notes from your portfolio in WInS — one related to a stock and the other to an ETF — and reflect on how they informed your understanding and design of your final strategy. Explain each note in 150 words or less.
    • Note: The Trading Notes that you select do not necessarily have to be for companies that you recommend to Hilary in your final recommended portfolio. However, you should be able to confidently identify why and how these trades informed your team’s overall strategy as it evolved throughout the competition.

Pages 4 and 5: Portfolio-at-a-Glance Page(s)

On pages 4 and 5, provide a visual breakdown of your portfolio with specific statistics, then provide the context for your decisions.

Page 4 must include two graphic/visual portfolio snapshots:

  1. Your team’s WInS Portfolio
  2. Your team’s Final Recommended Portfolio for Hilary

Note: Your team’s WInS Portfolio and Final Recommended Portfolio for Hilary can be the same.

Whether your Final Recommended Portfolio is the same as your WInS Portfolio or not, it should still only include investment recommendations of cash, stocks and ETFs from the approved lists, and U.S. Treasury bills, notes, bonds and TIPS allowed within the competition rules.

Required statistics in each portfolio snapshot:

Please be sure to refer to Competition Rules.

  • Sectors and percentage of the portfolio held in each sector
    • Remember, the Approved Stock List is organized using the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®), which includes 11 economic sectors. Your portfolio must follow this structure.
  • Stock(s) held in each sector and percentage of the portfolio allocated to each stock.
  • ETFs held (your portfolio must include at least one).
  • Any U.S. Treasuries (bills, notes, bonds or TIPS) recommended for your client and percentage of the portfolio recommended in each.
  • Percentage of the portfolio remaining in cash, if any.
  • You may use visual tables or charts, but please do not use sentences or paragraphs.
  • You may include other statistics, such as total portfolio return on this page, but do not include information about your investment strategy on this page – this page should simply provide an overview of your portfolio-at-a-glance.

Note: For the purposes of the competition, Diversification is defined as having active stock investments in different Sectors. Your team is required to be invested in individual stocks in at least as many Sectors as the number of students on your team, along with at least one ETF. Further (but not required) Diversification could look like diversifying your portfolio by market capitalization, different exchanges, and industries.

On the bottom-half of Page 5, provide more context about your portfolio by answering one of the following questions in 150 words or less:

  1. Why are your WInS Portfolio and Recommended Portfolio for Hilary the same?
  2. Why are your WInS Portfolio and Recommended Portfolio for Hilary different?


Page 6 up to 13: Report Details

This section is the bulk of your report. It should include your team’s analysis, decision making, investment strategy, etc.. Be creative!

  • This section must be a minimum of 5 pages.
    • In this case, your team’s total page count would be 10 pages (not including works cited page).
  • This section can be a maximum of 8 pages.
    • In this case, your team’s total page count would be 13 pages (not including works cited page).
  • Reports that go over or under this range will not be reviewed. Reports that do not meet the minimum page requirement will not be eligible to receive participation certificates.
  • Please see the Judging and Evaluation page for more information on what should be included in the Report Details section and how the final report will be graded.



School Documentation Requirements

We require official documentation from your school to ensure your team is in compliance with the Competition Rules. The school documentation must be:

  • Written and signed by a school administrator (NOT your advisor).
  • Be on official school letterhead.
  • Uploaded as a separate file, underneath where you submit your Final Report.
    • The names of each student on the team and the advisor.
    • Statement that all students and the advisor are affiliated with the school and have permission to participate.
  • It should not exceed one page.

Here is a template school administrators can use to provide Official School Documentation: Download Official School Documentation Template.

Upload Requirements

  • You must upload your Final Report and your School Documentation using the official Reviewr file uploads.
  • We will only accept reports uploaded as PDF and Word Docs (We do NOT accept links of any kind, including Google Docs).
  • We will NOT accept reports sent by email under any circumstances.



Wharton Global Youth AI Policy

You may use generative AI programs (e.g., tools like ChatGPT) to help generate ideas and to brainstorm. However, you should note that the material generated by these programs may be inaccurate, incomplete, or otherwise problematic. Beware that use of AI may also stifle your own independent thinking and creativity. You may not submit any work generated by an AI program as your own. If you include material generated by an AI program, it should be cited like any other reference material (with due consideration for the quality of the reference, which may be poor). In your citation, please include 1-2 sentences on how you used that AI tool to achieve your goal. Any plagiarism or other form of cheating will be dealt with severely under relevant Investment Competition policies. See Ethics and Code of Conduct.