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The Wharton Global High School Investment Competition is an opportunity for students to learn about the world of investing, while also building analytical, teamwork and communication skills. We have created a comprehensive lesson plan curriculum for teachers and advisors to guide students through different phases of the competition. Additionally, individual student resource pages help teams explore competition concepts and topics in a basic and informative way. These resources are available here to all advisors and competitors to support your competition experience.

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Competition Learning Materials for Teachers

Teacher Guide

Refer to this Guide for details about how to use this curriculum and a specific curriculum map laying out each lesson plan.

Wharton Global High School Investment Competition Curriculum

This curriculum is designed for teachers and advisors who are guiding student teams through the Wharton Global High School Investment Competition. It starts with a competition overview, then introduces students to basic concepts in investing with a specific focus on stocks (the only investment type allowed in competition portfolios), and ends with basic research and analysis strategies to help competitors make informed investment decisions. This curriculum is designed to equip students with enough knowledge and skills to stay engaged with the investment competition and learn from the experience.

Note to teachers

Teachers and advisors are not required to use any part of this curriculum while competing. The Wharton Global High School Investment Competition is a free opportunity for students around the world to learn about investing and actually experience the stock market through a simulation. The competition engages all levels of learners, from students who are totally new to these concepts, to others who have more advanced knowledge. You should consider using this curriculum in a way that best fits your students’ needs. Possibly, you will instead select a sampling of lessons that support your classroom resources and introduce new concepts at an appropriate level for your students. Or, you may choose to follow the entire curriculum sequentially, from beginning to end. The choice is yours.

Lesson Plans

Unit 1

Competition Basics [Updated August 2022]

Client Case Study [Updated July 2022]

Finding Your Creative Voice [New]

Developing a Strategy [Updated July 2022]

The Investing Elevator Pitch [New]

Unit 2 – Introduction to Investing

What Is an Investment [Updated July 2022]

Stocks [Updated July 2022]

Risk and Diversity [Updated July 2022]

Portfolio Management [Updated July 2022]

Socially Responsible Investing [Updated August 2022]

Unit 3 – Research and Analysis

Research Strategies for New Investors [Updated August 2022]

SWOT Analysis [Updated August 2022]

Introduction to Industry Analysis [Updated August 2022]

Balance Sheet [Updated August 2022]

Income Statement [Updated August 2022]

Statement of Cash Flows [Updated August 2022]

Ratios [Updated August 2022]

Competition Learning Materials for Students

Investment 101

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Risk and Return

Investing with Purpose

Building and Managing Your Portfolio

Analyzing the Client Case Study

Developing an Investment Strategy

Macroeconomics in Strategy and Stock Selection