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The Wharton Pre-Baccalaureate Program is ideal for exceptional rising high school seniors who want to enroll in Wharton courses. Offered throughout the year on a quarterly basis, the Program introduces students to the foundations of a top-ranked business education.

  • Earn a transcript and college credits from the University of Pennsylvania/Wharton.
  • Learn in any time zone with flexible online courses led by Wharton instructors.
  • Explore business topics and themes not available at the high school level.
  • Get insight into the college academic experience.
  • Network with students from around the globe in a small class environment.
  • Access academic advisors and other university resources.

Students are saying


“This class really opened my eyes to a world of determined individuals and multi-faceted business ventures. I met so many accomplished professors and students who helped diversify my world view.”

— Sydney C.
Student Participant, 2020


“Negotiations (OIDD 291) gave me a wonderful taste for what academic life at Wharton is like, and it is definitely a program that I feel like I would enjoy and excel in. The interactive nature of Negotiations was one of the main factors of my enjoyment as after each homework reading, you got the opportunity to see the theories and strategies in action. I could definitely see myself in a career to do with negotiations in the future!”

— Duncan B.
Student Participant, 2020