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Entrepreneurship Game

Wharton Global Youth is excited to offer high school educators access to a unique business simulation created by Wharton Interactive at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  The Entrepreneurship Game is a complete entrepreneurship educational experience that is impactful, engaging and easy to run. Check it out!

In this multisession game, learners enter a hyper-immersive world and work in teams to found a startup and experience the challenges of leading a business to success as they: 

  • persuade customers to buy their product
  • conduct disciplined business experiments
  • pitch investors
  • negotiate with key stakeholders
  • hire employees
  • manage finances
  • explore business models
  • practice hypothesis-driven product design 

The simulation costs $49 per student and requires 15 to 20 hours to complete, half of which must happen face-to-face, either in an extended classroom or an entrepreneurship club. Click the button at the bottom of the page to learn more about how you can give your students the rich experience of running a high-growth startup!  

High school educator Angel Cottrell discusses her experience playing the Entrepreneurship Game with her students. 

Become a Verified Instructor

In order to run the Entrepreneurship Game, educators must register with Wharton Interactive as Verified Instructors. As a Verified Instructor, you will gain access to teaching materials and resources, demos, white papers, as well as Wharton Interactive’s office hours and webinar series to help you deliver quality interactive experiences. Once confirmed, you’ll gain access to Verified Instructor pricing and receive updates to teaching materials.

To become a Verified Instructor, Click here to sign up or contact Wharton Interactive if you have an existing learner account and would like to become a Verified Instructor. 

Questions? Contact the Wharton Interactive team at interactive@wharton.upenn.edu