Wharton Summer High School Online Programs Frequently Asked Questions

Online Course FAQs

Why were some programs moved to online and others cancelled?

Programs with curricula that could be successfully adapted to an online modality were transitioned to an online format for summer 2020, including the Moneyball Academy, Moneyball Academy Training Camp, and M&TSI. Programs with curricula that did not permit a move to online were cancelled, and previously admitted students have been invited to participate in the newly developed Future of the Business World course, which is being created from the start as a fully online program.

What can I expect from an online course?

Online courses are designed to mirror the Wharton undergraduate experience, much like a face-to-face offering. Although topics of study will vary from program to program, students can expect a mix of live, large class sessions using Zoom or Blue Jeans, live seminar style meetings of 20-30 students, peer project work with 4-7 students, and independent assignments. Students will meet a number of different faculty and instructors during the course of study. Assignments will also connect students directly with their global peers for collaborative projects and assignments.

I live far from Philadelphia and I’m worried the difference in time zones will impact my ability to succeed in the program. What is Wharton doing to address this issue?

Our programs enroll a globally diverse student body with a common thread of academic accomplishment and intellectual curiosity. We recognize not everyone will share the same time zone or scheduling preferences. Program leaders and instructors will offer live programming either repeated in the same day or at a time that is convenient for all students. Although some students will attend live sessions in the morning and others will attend in the evening, we are mindful of this issue and will work with students to provide access to all course materials in the way they were designed. Please see program specific FAQs for more information.

Can you talk a bit about the admission process for these programs?

All Wharton Summer High School Program applicants undergo a rigorous evaluation process. Currently, none of the programs are offered on an open-enrollment basis. Every applicant is carefully reviewed by an admissions committee and students who meet the high academic qualifications for the program are admitted. Different programs have unique academic requirements and each admissions committee reviews student applications holistically.

Who are the instructors?

Each program is led by an instructional team made up of a combination of Wharton faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants.

Will I earn a certificate?

Yes! Every student who successfully completes the program will receive a Wharton Global Youth Program Certificate of Completion. Completion is obtained through meaningful participation and completion of all assignments as determined by the program leader.

Will I earn a Wharton transcript?

Currently the only credit-based program that Wharton Summer High School offers is the Management & Technology Summer Institute (MTSI), which is a joint program offered by Wharton and Penn Engineering. Students in that program will receive a transcript noting receipt of one course unit (1 CU).

What is the Wharton GYM?

The Global Youth Meetup (GYM) is an additional opportunity for Wharton Summer High School students. GYM access will be available from June 8-August 17, 2020 and will provide additional programming opportunities for students to engage with the Wharton community. Programming will include a combination of live events and opportunities to interact on any schedule that suits the student.